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What Is The Cause Of Bulimia Eating Disorder?

Bulimia is another eating disorder and it is the fastest growing disease in the world. Unlike anorexia which is observed as serious disease, bulimia is a master of disguise and characterized by purging and binging behaviours.

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The person who face this type of disorder usually consume or eat plenty of food at once and then try to take out the surplus food by vomiting, using laxatives or even occasionally by over-exercising.

Along with this, person with bulimia disorder is fanatical with his or her weight and body image. These times this kind of eating disorder is most common in adolescent and young adult women.

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This sort of eating disorder might appear a very small factor in their first stages, but with the passage of time it might develop and produce numerous negative effects. Although the precise and actual cause of bulimia Isn't understood, there are various variables that Seem to cause its development, for example:

According to recent studies, it's been found that eating disorders occur more often in relatives of people with bulimia than others. This prevalence appears to be associated with genetics, but family influences are also significant.

Researchers also have recommended that altered levels of the chemical dopamine in the brain also play an important part. Serotonin levels are often interrelated into the evolution of clinical depression.


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