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What a Buyer’s Agent can do for you

“Buyer Advocates” or “Buyer Agents” specialise in locating and buying residential property throughout Australia. If you are looking for property in Canberra there is more info here.

As a vendor uses a professional real estate agent to sell their property at the highest possible price, buyer’s agents do the same for buyers working exclusively for the purchaser.

Buyer's Agents are there to save you time, money and stress when searching for a property to match your criteria and budget.

Buyer’s Agents have experience in the residential property markets in their suburb, town, city and state, levelling the playing field for the buyer by ensuring they get the best possible deal and there are no hidden costs or agenda from the seller.

What does Buyer’s Agent bring to the table?

Freeing you from the time consumption involved in finding a property.  It's a daunting task, let the agent do the work.

They start with assessing your needs and goals with a thorough initial consultation. They begin by understanding your financial capabilities, what location you prefer, whether you are looking at investment upside with the purchase, plus many other factors. Once the agents know this, he/she can formulate a plan for success.

The usual process is as follows:

1. Searching

2. Assessing

3. Negotiation

4. Bidding

1. Agents conduct online searches and sourcing off-market properties.

2 + 3. Assess and Negotiate

If you have already found a property you like before hiring the agent, then they can go straight into asses and negotiate mode.

4. Bidding

When it comes to auction bidding if you are not experienced, this can be a chastening experience, always better to let the agent deal with this. 

Agents Fee Structure

Buyer’s agent's fees agreed on in advance and are always based upon success. The ballpark is 1-2% of the purchase price, so it's in their interest to work hard for you and see the deal through to completion.

Sometimes you can also negotiate a fixed fee, depending on your agent this could be an option for you.


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