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    Things to Consider Before Ordering Custom Lanyards


    Many people wear lanyards during an event or a conference. Organizations have their own custom lanyards for their staff and employees. Traditionally, ordering lanyards was a painful process as it was time-consuming procedure. Today, this has changed. There are plenty of websites that offer customers and organizations to customize their own lanyards. However, there are a lot of things to consider before customizing a lanyard.

    1. Think about the quantity –Always order more than you need. There are chances that the lanyards may get over sooner than expected. A customized lanyard needs to be ordered in bulk. One tip – Order more to pay less.

    2. Choose the thickness and color – A custom lanyards gives you the option on thickness and color. The thickness is usually set from 3/8” to one inch. Standard colorsthe lanyards come in purple, blue and black. With the help of PMS value, you can choice even wider range of colors.

    3. Try adding safety break-away clasp – Lanyards with break-away clasp can be easily removed to avoid injury to the person wearing them.

    4. Designing – This is the best part. Decide what message you want to add, logo or a different logo. There’s so much to do during this process. So, have fun.

    Inexperienced suppliers may not be able to customize the desired lanyard. Try custom lanyards online not just to get a good deal but to get your desired custom-made lanyards.


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