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Things to Check For When Looking at Potential Web Development Companies

5 Things a Web Development Company Should Provide

If you are looking for a web development company, there are a few things you should be sure that the company provides before you hire them. In this article, we will look over 5 of these things so that you will be better able to make a decision.

Services Web Development Companies Should Offer

Revisions at No Extra Cost

web development companyDuring the website development process, you will want to make changes, typically during at the end of the design and development process. You will want to hire a web development company that includes a revision period. Obviously, there will have to be limitations put on the revision period, as these can quickly get out of hand and your project will not stay on time. 

Web development companies that work in a collaborative and creative way will always encourage feedback from clients so that they are sure you are getting what you want for your site.

Open Communication

You will want to hire a web development company that has a clear communication policy. This includes having a point of contact, and multiple ways for you to reach out to the people in the web development team. The web development team should also provide you with updates throughout the development process.

Check reviews online before deciding which company you hire, and see if they reply to comments and reviews online.  This will be a good indicator as to their communication abilities

SEO & Content Writing

SEO is a big part of having a successful website. When you are looking at web development companies in Toronto, be sure to see if they offer in-house SEO and content writing.  Having properly optimized content will mean that your website will look professional as well as perform well on search engines.

The other benefit of in-house SEO is that the development team can work in conjunction with the digital marketing team to ensure that your site is built with SEO in mind. This means that the structure and code will all align with proper SEO techniques for the best performance possible.

Maintenance Packages

Things can go wrong with your website over time, or you may have changes that you wish to make. You will want to hire a web development company that offers reasonably priced maintenance packages. This way you will be able to have access to someone who can help you fix and maintain your site. 

When purchasing a maintenance package be sure to check for restrictions and expiration dates that may stop the company from performing the requested work. 


There are many services that reputable web development companies should offer. Always check the fine print, and be sure to ask for clarification for anything that looks suspicious before signing a contract