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Airbag Safety – Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe

It's widely publicized that passenger-side airbags place children at serious risk of harm in case of a crash. Reports of numerous child accidents and even deaths have surfaced and caused a whole lot of concern over a system that's meant to save lives instead of taking them. The fantastic thing is that the chance of injury can be decreased by taking the appropriate precautions.

Airbag Safety - Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe

Lots of folks say that children shouldn't sit in the front seat. They may specify children as anyone under the age of 12. But, how do you use age as the determining factor when kids may vary widely in size at age 12?

What should really decide whether a child can sit in the front seat is size. If the child is large enough that the seat belt can fit correctly, the kid is fine to sit in the front seat. Fitting suggests the lap belt rests on the thighs and the shoulder belt goes across the chest.

For smaller kids, the shoulder belt won't be able to go across the chest and the child will often place the shoulder belt under their arm to get the belt from their face or to be more comfortable.

If a child is big enough to wear a seat belt correctly, they still may be in danger if they sit too near the airbag. For the airbag to function as designed, it needs room to deploy. If the child is too near the airbag, that area won't be there and the kid will probably be hurt by the deploying airbag.