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    Clickbank University – A Short Overview

    There are many detailed and varying reviews of Clickbank University on the internet, so instead of adding to that number I’m simply going to provide a quick overview of Clickbank University and suggest where you can find more information if you really do want to join it, or are interested.

    Clickbank University is a suite of resources and courses that was set up in 2013 by two self made internet millionaires, with the endorsement of Clickbank – the popular global affiliate network.  The price of membership is $47, but that’s just for the basic version – there are many optional up-sells too that will increase the cost quite a bit.

    Inside the members area there are some tools, access to the forums and support contacts – but most importantly there are the two main courses that make up the core of Clickbank University.  The first is an eight week long course about getting started with affiliate marketing and the second is a six week course all about creating your own products and then getting other affiliates to promote them.  Both courses are good, but you can of course find some of the information elsewhere online – sometimes for free.

    There’s a wealth of information online about Clickbank University – just look at some of the previews on YouTube or do a Google search for it and thousands of results will come up!