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Leaving a Legacy with Commercial Real Estate

Watching my two children open the many gifts they were blessed with from friends, family and their parents, over the holidays raised a question for me. What can I give my children that they can enjoy when I'm no longer around? For more detail about the commercial real estate, you can visit http://www.commercialrealtyofli.com.

Leaving a Legacy with Commercial Real Estate

What can I give them that they can share with their Children's, Children's Children? The answer for me is Commercial or Income Producing Property.

Namely small to mid-sized Commercial Real Estate. By small to mid-sized, I mean assets whose value is in excess of $1 Million. I understand that Commercial assets are not as exciting to my children as the new leap pad games they received for Christmas but it's certainly the gift that will keep giving. In this article too, we will explore three advantages to building a legacy with Commercial Property.

Income is a long-term investment due to the demand. I need only point to the fundamental needs of clothes, food, shelter, and life, to warrant that there'll always be a demand for shelter. In my opinion, the demand for shelter is, of those three demands, most important. The Bureau of Labor Statistics on housing, before taxes.

Next, Income is long-term investment due to the principle of leverage. One of my mentors used to say "You earn money in real estate when you buy not when you sell… you have to purchase Right!" Quoting him here is much less impressive without the accent over the term 'Right.' What he meant is that purchasing a property has to be done strategically with the objective of creating money.