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    Some Types of Alcohol Testing You Should Know


    Alcohol testing is generally carried out by police officers for determining the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). There are a number of ways which are used for performing alcohol testing. The following presents some of them.

    Field Sobriety Tests

    Field sobriety tests are a few methods that are employed for verifying intoxication. There are a number of basic tests which individual should perform. to know more, go through https://drugtestingcup.com/.

    The tests typically include hand-eye coordination as well as response time. Typically, these tests include one-legged rack, walking a straight line, in addition to spinning around. Moreover, additionally, it includes the horizontal gaze nystagmus test which asks the people to focus on the object which is placed between 12 and 15 inches away.

    Urine Testing

    It is another common thing for alcohol screening. But, it’s limited only to discover the usage of alcohol. By applying this process, a user has a possibility for cheating by smuggling the urine of the buddy to the testing room

    Hair Testing

    This testing can provide you with a more accurate testing within a protracted time period. In contrast to another laboratory testing procedure, it cost more costly. The measurement of the evaluation comprises the absorption levels of EtG and FAEE in the face of the test taker. After the blood of the individual includes alcohol, the EtG and FAEE will be consumed by the hair.


    Another most popular alcohol testing is by using the breathalyzer. It is extremely practical to use since it is portable and provides you with instant result. It is best to be used for emergency workers or officials.

    However, the effect showed from that device is varied from 15 percent up to 23 percent of the actual BAC. This is caused by the alcohol being measured passes into the alveoli air sacs once the blood flows through the vessels.