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How to Select the Best One Piece Swimsuit?

One piece swimsuits are also called “monokinis”. This is because the bottom and top pieces of swimwear are connected with laces, straps, extra fabric, etc. These are similar to bikinis but have extra clothing on the front. They are considered as one of the most trendy and stylish swimwear. 

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Following are a few tips for selecting the right one piece swimsuit according to your body type.

1. Body shape

Firstly and most importantly, you should know your body type. This is because some styles of one piece swimsuit might look perfect on particular body type but for others, the same styles may not look very desirable. If you have slimmer and longer legs you should go with high leg cut swimwear. You can also purchase different kinds of one piece swimwear online.

2. Necklines

There are different types of necklines available in swimwear. Some necklines are more popular than others. Nowadays V shaped necklines are more popular because they give a long and lean look to your neck and chest. If you have a slim body even then it gives you a nice look and doesn’t make you look too flat.

3. Print And Design

If you have a rectangular body then you should go with a vertical lined design or print. This type of design will take away the attention from a rectangular body and will help it look longer. It is preferable to avoid horizontal designs as they will make you look healthier.

Moreover select a colour that suits your skin tone.


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