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    How the Power of the Mind can Influence Your Body

    The medical profession has long recognised the power of the mind over the body, and whilst everyone acknowledges the fact, the vast majority of people still haven't put two and two together, and figured out that you can make yourself a whole lot healthier, by using your own natural powerhouse of healing – your Mind!

    But you can't just sit down and hope to put right everything right by wishing ill health away – you first of all have to put your mind in touch with your body, and on a far deeper level than normal. There are many techniques for doing this (you can read about them here), and they all fall under the heading "Meditation."


    I've explored most aspects of Meditation in my previous Blogs and Articles, but "Healing," whilst a natural follow on for those well practiced in Meditation, needs to be looked at in a completely different light. Regulating one's body through Meditation, and boosting its ability to heal itself by removing negative influences like Stress and Anxiety, is not the same as "Healing."

    There is much documented evidence of people being able to bring Healing to themselves and others, and we're now talking Healing that science hasn't yet been able to define or explain. We're talking about the ability to tap into a level of energy outside our normal understanding, and channel it in a way that Heals and effects Cures, that defy rational explanation.

    Prayer & Belief

    Prayer can have the same effect, and mankind has developed a myriad of religions with an unlimited range of customs and practices, designed to bring blessings from an all powerful entity (energy – force – spirit – essence) directly to them and others. Prayer is therefore another form of Meditation and the benefits can be considerable, but Meditation and Healing are not bound by religious beliefs and practices. They are simply techniques that tap directly into an all powerful source, with no attempt to define its nature or origin.

    Meditation – a New Direction

    Everyone has the ability to tap into this source, but as with all things in life, some will become exceedingly adept, and others will never accept that they can or even explore the possibility. In the West we seem to have developed a culture where responsibility for our health and wellbeing is assigned to the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies, but Meditation – perhaps the oldest of Eastern techniques for bringing Wellness and Healing – has become established as a recognised and viable alternative.

    Of course it doesn't stop there – Meditation opens the door to a whole new world of "Natural" therapy, medicine, and healing – and the best place to start is with a personally guided course. For more information on how to utilize the power of your mind to affect your body, please read this article.



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