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    How Do I Choose The Best Baby Feeding Bottles?

    Now that the big question, “Should I breastfeed or bottle feed my baby?” is out of the way, the next result is which baby feeding bottles to buy? As with anything nowadays there is a large choice of different baby feeding bottles available in all different shapes and sizes and varying from cheap to very expensive. You will perhaps need at least 6 bottles to start with as well as cleaning and sterilizing equipment. So are the expensive ones worth the money? Or should you just buy a standard baby bottle without all the bells and whistles? If you decided to go with a expensive one make sure you check around for mothercare promo codes so you can atleast save a few dollars.

    The two basic types of bottles are plastic or glass dr browns bottle. Glass bottles are tough, unless you drop them, and probably more germ-free. They are easy to wash and do not have a lingering smell after they have been used. They are also completely free of any chemicals. They do, however, have their disadvantages in that they are heavier and quite a bit more pricey to buy.

    Plastic perlengkapan bayi are usually inexpensive so can be replaced when they become damaged or discolored. There has been some concern over the chemical content of plastic bottles. bisphenol A (BPA) used in the manufacture of some plastic bottles and is thought to cause behavioral changes in babies and contribute to early onset of puberty in girls. This is not proven and is still being investigated.

    The FDA has stated that plastic bottles are perfectly safe so, depending on how much you can trust the FDA, this may be the choice for you.

    There are also specialized baby feeding bottles on the market. Some of these are designed to prevent colic by limiting the amount of air that baby swallows. Other bottles have non-refundable liners which eliminate the need for sterilization. The cost of these would run quite high over the months, but if time is important, then these types of bottles may be true for you and your baby.

    In inference the best choice for you would be what your baby prefers and which bottle seems to work best for your situation. Bottle feeding your baby can still be very rewarding if breast feeding is not possible for one reason or another and the right choice in botol susu kaca can ensure a lovely feeding experience


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