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    Hiring The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer For Your Case

    There is often controversy when law enforcement must take immediate action. They must assess the situation based on the information they currently have, the body language from other parties, and their instincts. Once the action is taken, it is often criticized. There may also be problems with both sides of the story not the same.

    This is why many agencies now mandate recording devices. With the body worn by the camera, the police still have their hands free. This helps ensure information can be gathered as evidence of what happened.  If you are facing any criminal charge, no matter how minor it is, you should hire San Diego criminal lawyer for your legal representation in court.

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    This may be needed for investigations or in the courtroom. The police camera device worn on the body can help protect someone and ensure they don’t lose their jobs. They don’t want to see their entire careers in vain because of an incident they can’t prove by the way they share.

    Avoid Lawsuits

    Unfortunately, many people try to sue the police because they feel their rights are violated. With the camera worn, the police can show the actions they took and why. For example, someone might say excessive force was used by them by a police officer. But captured recordings can prove that the power used makes sense to control certain situations.

    Follow the procedure

    Records can show the correct procedure followed. In any profession, you will have a few bad apples and law enforcement is no exception. Knowing that they are being recorded can be a deterrent for every officer who has their own agenda.