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Different types of Jewelry

Jewelry is the woman’s way to adore or decorate her. Different type of jewelry with both traditional and modern designs is available nowadays.

Traditional Earrings: It comes in pairs and these have different types of Stud Earrings, Hoop Earrings etc.

Bracelet: It is also known as kadas. These are the sophisticated pieces mostly worn during the festive season.

Rings: There are to be worn in fingers. These have multiple designs like single studded, metallic etc.

Necklaces: These are to be worn on the neck. These are the essential part of the woman’s collection.

Foot Harness: It is a beautiful jewelry of women which can make you different amidst frame. It is a part of rural culture.

Anklet: It is to be worn on one of the foot to make the appearance attractive; it is now available in many new designs. To know more about the new designs of jewelry you can visit http://marianijewellers.com/.

Armlet: It is to be worn on the arms of women and basically used during family functions or wedding ceremony.

Waist Band: These are also known as kamarbands. It is worn on waist and makes the saree look more attractive.

Braid Jewels: The ornaments that are used to decorate woman’s braids.