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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Phone Specifications


If you look at the main phone specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you would realize that it is a top quality phone with all the essential specifications and features loaded on it. It is available in vibrant colors such as black, pink, gold and white with black being the favorite of many. The gold color comes a close second. The 5.7-inch display of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the best in its class. The experience of watching videos would be really amazing.

The regular connectivity specifications are all comprehensively present. Some of the main ones include Wireless internet connectivity, 3G and more importantly 4G. The 2 cameras are of great use. The back camera is of high quality with 16MP. It helps you click pictures with great ease and clarity. The battery gives great backup. You can spend a lot of time on the phone with the battery holding up.



Apple iPhone 6S: Can It Win Over Competition?


If Apple intends to keep winning over its competition in the industry of smartphones, then it should get everything right when it releases Apple iPhone 6s and its plus version. The new models would be launched and available for purchase next month most probably or latest by October. Experts say that Apple needs to concentrate mainly on the operational speed on the phone. its competitors have been doing a good job in offering faster smartphones. Apple would definitely not want to be left behind in this aspect. People are giving a lot of importance to speed nowadays. Of course, some of its competitors especially Samsung are are also lagging behind in the speed department. But, Apple cannot afford to be complacent. It needs to be proactive and get things right with iPhone 6s.

Apple should also make sure that battery of iPhone 6s is much better than its predecessors. Apple makes its phones’ batteries non-removable so that people don’t use duplicate batteries on their phones. That is a good move but they also need to make better batteries.