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Business Forms Help in Proper Maintenance of Records

Business forms have made it much simpler for an organization to maintain its records and conduct its official dealings. Whether starting a new business or exploring a fresh angle for an existing business, there are forms for every transaction and application. These are available free on the internet and can be downloaded in PDF format or even in word format. Software is available which converts the .pdf files into Word format, so that changes can be made or added. These forms can then be printed and used. The kind of forms that are needed by a private company, or when dealing with the Government is given below.

Usage in a Private Company

Business forms are used in a private company for running its day to day business. Employee details have to be maintained in particular formats so that it can be easily ascertained when the employee joined, what the salary is, when an increment is due, the job description, and the assessment of the employee. Expense statements and trip sheets have to be maintained by the employee in prescribed formats. The Company needs to print in bulk, forms for invoices, purchase orders, accounting functions and quotations. Record of sales has to be maintained in forms which provide all the details. They also need to print business cards for each employee with the designation, company name, logo and contact details. The company letter head has to follow certain norms and has to be printed in bulk along with customized envelops.

Usage in Government Organizations

Business forms that are required when dealing with Government departments follow standardized formats, and unless these are strictly followed, the application is most likely to be rejected. Each state has its own designated information on the form, so that there is a legit basis for each claim. Tenders, licenses, registration, filing of taxes, remittance of fees into government account, all follow prescribed formats and procedures. Government itself functions based on these business forms. Crime statistics, legal reports, detention and parole are documented and filed for ready reference. Unless there is a method followed in standardizing the information, the Government will not be able to retrieve records easily. In case of complaints where the Government has to take action, there are online forms that can be filled in and submitted. An example is the Agency Fraud Alert Form where the complainant can submit the form online on the site of the respective state government, by filling in details of the business of interest of the agency, the location, and the nature of complaint.



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